About Reed Township


Reed Township, Dauphin County, is a small rural township in central Pennsylvania.  It lies along the Susquehanna River and is north of Harrisburg.  The township was founded in 1849 and was named after William Reed, a prominent resident at that time.  Most of the land is agricultural or forested.  The current population is 182 residents.

Areas of interest are the Susquehanna River, which provides recreation, the Appalachian Trail, and state game and forest lands.

While the township is small, it is served by three different state police barracks, has three different telephone exchanges (one being a long-distance call for the other two), two different towns for mailing addresses, has two different emergency services as first responder depending on where one lives, and our children go to a Perry County school.  While this may seem confusing to everyone else, our residents have been taking all this in stride for many years.

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